photo courtesy of Alejandro Fargosonini

photo courtesy of Alejandro Fargosonini


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Canadian contemporary choreographer and performer, holds an MFA from the Transart Institute/ Plymouth University. 2016 - 2019 Artist in Residence at the Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto).


I make immediate dances. I bring awareness to a present condition, and expose unconscious biases. I challenge the work of perception, and confront the ego, including its desire to be right, and to know.

I use improvisation processes that are collaborative and experimental, asking ‘how’ as my primary guide. My methodology includes talking and moving at the same time in order to produce the words that frame my choreographic scores. I collapse mind and body into a stream of projections and poetry that demand a new kind of attention, and improvise new forms. Familiar meanings are interrupted and expanded upon, performatively.

I erect thresholds and binaries in order to disrupt them. I work with alter-egos to contradict the illusion of a contained subjectivity.

I care deeply about performance, and sharing the felt experience of dance with an audience through its affective overflows and inner language. It is alive, and mysterious.

I intersect choreography with other forms, recently experimenting with its expanded applications in curation, and technology.

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Photos and videos across site by Jeremy Mimnagh, Valery Gore, Omer Yukseker, Melissa Dozois, Alejandro Fargosonini, and Francesca Chudnoff