meet/meant/mtng/mning#2 HUB 14 Residency

I’m looking into the way people talk about their work, and am inspired by an interview between the CBC and Jim Morrison from 1970. He talks about sexual repression as the first and most effective totalitarian method to enhance the progress of civilization. It got me thinking about progress, and how we seem to be bound for maximum communicative efficiency. 5 texts in one minute is better than 1, and language has become more inclusive of abbreviations, bad grammar, and grunts. In a way, it can be seen as a return to something more primitive. So what’s the most inefficient way of communicating? Maybe dance. Or dance could arguably be the absolute most efficient.

Jim also gets into how embracing cultural heroes has lessened, and our very notion of a hero has changed. He then hypothesizes that the heroes of the future might be: political activists, computer scientists, connectors, and people who have a real awareness of how things are run. Steve Jobs. So, we make a list of qualities of a modern day hero, and try to apply them to a dance phrase. To be continued.

Jim also laments the decline of first-hand experiences with the nitty-gritty of real life in exchange for the 2nd and 3rd hand reproductions found in movies and tv shows. Now it seems this has extended to 2nd and 3rd hand reproductions of ourselves via Facebook and online identities. Fun stuff. So we perform ourselves, to ourselves, which we then consume, share, and build some aspect of our identity around which is then sold and used for marketing research to inform the advertising bar on our very own profile page. Wickedly manipulative and motherfucking brilliant. That said, in the spirit of first hand experiences, we knock back a beer or two and invent the dark chakras of our mediation practice while listening to heavy metal and house. In the spirit of 2nd hand experiences I’m posting this blog about it, and 3rd hand I’ll have to post a video with dark chakra stuff going on.