meet/meant/mtng/mning #6 HUB 14 Residency

Perversion of content/ Hierarchy of orifices / Orgy curiosity

This is it. Interpretation monster. A moving breathing thing that is alone and together, changing and static, and extends the awareness of ourselves outward to the group as a whole. We are inside, eyes closed, using a kind of brainy function that inscribes a picture in the room, orients us in space, invents perspective, invites non-visual sense, and invites physical contact, impolitely.

We talk about the choreographer’s power to implement processes that indulge his/her curiosity, and our trained willingness to go there.

We talk about professionalism, sensitivity, taking a sweaty armpit in the face, and why there’s an expectation to be the armpit eating champion. I irreversibly damage my joints for dance. I eat sweat for dance. Dance is my sadistic girlfriend. No more armpit martyrs.

How long could you seriously watch this? Attention span/ pee break / contemplation toilet seat. 

Interpretation Monster Part 2

We are amplifying what we think the other person is doing. It is mostly amplification of tickles, sounds, perceived rhythms, and sense. 

It is a way of not listening, really.

It is dancing assumptions /talking over each other.