Studio Advisor Meeting - April 9, 2015

GO DEEPER, with attention to completing something.

The question “where is the work?” has returned. I’m curious, but also floating, and Laura has challenged me to complete a piece something by the May 15th deadline.

I’ve returned to the Exiting/Re-existing score, and am transferring it to text to inscribe it as a complete practice that I can then use as a practice. If this is the finished work, then how is it encountered by the reader? The surface, the way the words are played out, a book, a webpage..

Observations from the video:

- There is tension between documentation and performance. This is the closest I’ve gotten to a finished work. I could just complete this video as an option.

- There are some aspects I can only deliver in the video format. What do I want to show, and will I be limiting myself in performance?

- It would be great to step out of my comfort zone and make a video. Especially because I don’t know anything about video. Use my choreographic brain in the editing process...

- How would the work change if it was a video? This will force me to think on what the work is about, and help me focus on my proposal for next year.

- Finish something with ATTENTION to its completion. What are the shades of orange? It’s time to contemplate detail and let go of process. To see things with more clarity rather than a continuum

- the task is not to touch it after it’s done

- look closely at work by other artists I admire


- Nancy Stark Smith ‘The Underscore’ – Broaden first, deepen next.


I’m starting to understand the performative style of my writing. Digging it.

On academia: good writing is good writing. It’s just about being convincing, not ventriloquism. Go to what I know, and what I know about delivering the text.