Reading Diary: Praxis Enrichment Refresher Course (Cooks)

1. Bike porn, voyeuristic seat design, friendly environmentalism, and deterritorializing the perineum. Form follows libidinal function, or an excuse to wear fancy outfits, hangout at gear shops, and still make it to your destination faster than transit. I’m wondering about super vertical Dutch bicycles, perched on the territorialized ischial tuberosites. Prude cycling or good posture?

2. Hirsch vs Mt. Vesuvius: sensationalism pales against ghosts of natural disaster. What do you do when you’re stuck in your own rut? Premature art explosions must be hard to continue on from. Two movies come to mind: ‘Pecker’ and more recently ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’.

3. Thank you Solnit, thank you hip-hop, thank you genealogical bodies. Don’t underestimate your impact.

A Chinese proverb: to know and not to act is not to know.

4. Idea: viral kitten videos at the Whitney

Image: somewhere, one of those kittens is now a feral cat

5. Un-gendered Beauty-Pretty scales (flow left to right, and right to left):

Beauty – immaterial – substance – pleasure – substrate – material – Pretty  

Beauty – movement – dancing – pleasure – poetry – flowers – Pretty

Beauty – forever – moralism – intoxication – one night stand – brevity - Pretty

Question: is ‘embodying pretty’ an oxymoron?

6. Repetition (Pattern), Yarn vandalism (Decoration), Rococo (Ornament, and a song by Arcade Fire)