meet/meant/mtng/mning #5 HUB 14 Residency

I found a list of basic emotions online – guilt, pride, contentment, amusement, boredom, etc. We decided to make our own list – jolly roger, bear fear, shameful drunkenness, degrassi intimidation, plus. We then made a hieroglyph for each – a static shape, a strong entity, and entirely representational.

We improvised with integrating them into an improvisation. A dance amongst rigid shapes, a balance of movement invention and memory recall.

Here we are, in a regular pattern of shape/move between/ shape, that is some kind of negotiation, something to do with departures and arrivals, and a way of being together. It also seems like a little bit of narrative, but narrative that is in no way related to the emotion associated with each hieroglyph as it was made – a dissociation between making and knowing what we’ve made, or a purposeful subversion of choice. I want to work here.